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Magstudios games developers will be attending, with their latest release Starfighter, get to play the trackIR headset and virtual reality.

Bob Wakelin is a freelance professional artist and illustrator who is predominantly recognised for his cover artwork used by Ocean and Imagine games.  Appearing Sat only.

More Arcades we have expanded the arcade section so there is more arcades due to popular demand! Such as Pac man, Donkey Kong, operation wolf, house of the dead, star wars, final lap 3! And more!

Play Hyper Sentinel, the Kickstarter-funded, retro-on-steroids arcade shoot 'em up, and chat with the developers.

Get all your gaming merchandise, TOYLANDS mega gaming card stall, lego, pokemon, get your retro on!

More prizes donated by Build A Bear, CEX and GAME! Including sonic teddy, Nes Mini, vouchers.

 Game Mania Summary!

Ladies and gentleman, on the 6th - 7th of May, a new type of event will be hitting Winter Gardens Blackpool.

 Game Mania, will be offering things for all ages, from back in the day Classic Arcades and Pinball to modern day gaming and also technology. Things such as Minecraft will be one of the many areas of the event, this would allow many crafters to come along and let their imaginary run wild! Do you remember the sweet sound of the Sega Mega Drive turning on or the sweet feeling when you beat someone at Street Fighter 2? Well now you can relive those amazing childhood memories for a gorgeous price for either one day or a full weekend; the price of the tickets range start from £9.95, Student £11.95 and this will allow you to have full access to everything that is going on in this event - everything is free! Game Mania will be open from 10:00am online/Store bought tickets, to 6:00pm, 11am cash on door tickets, so a day full weekend of fun awaits! Let’s also add a little bit of character to Blackpool!

Game Mania will be sponsored by different organisations such as Blackpool & Fylde College, HMV, Continue Gaming, Winter Gardens and many more; the UK’s beloved cash exchange store, CEX, will also be getting involved by sponsoring. They will also be giving away free balloons, 3x £50 vouchers, and new (adorable) NES mini - that’s right, free balloons! There will be lots of different things to do; this event is not just about gaming but experiencing the new and the old game systems. A range of 10 Awesome Classic Pinball machines, show your kids what games used to be like. Free to play arcade games, such as Gyruss, Time Pilot, Street Fighter 2, Golden Axe and many more will be playable on the weekend of the event. However, that is just the beginning; retro game systems will also make an appearance, from  NES Master System to the Vectrex Neo Geo; this would allow the new generation of gamers, to experience where it all began. Next generation consoles (XBOX One and PS4) will be present, for guests to play and demo the latest games for the next generation consoles.

 A minecraft zone, and also LEGO, will be an area where Minecrafters can build to their heart's content and let their imagination run wild; fun for all ages, like who doesn’t love LEGO? Why not put your gaming skills to the test and enter some of the challenges and competitions that will be taken place; this is where your competitiveness will help you win some amazing trophies and prizes! Not into console games? Don’t worry! We have you covered - board games will also be able to be played, from Monopoly to the newest board games out, play with friends or family. As well as putting all your competitiveness into challenges and competitions, why not go against others? Introducing Lan Battles, where your skills can be put to the ultimate test by helping you win. Why not come and meet Sonic and Mario? Come and meet two of the biggest gaming characters, and complete one of your childhood fantasies!

Weekly Summary

Tickets are now in sale at – Zero booking fee!

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Continue gaming
Infinity Comics

We are proud to announce GAME will be attending Game Mania with their awesome Virtual Reality Mega zone, don't play the game, be in the game, experience the thrill and the rush of games such as resident evil kitchen (age restrictions), shark encounter, Star Wars and more. Also a timed competition for minecrafters including prizes.

Esdevium games with the hottest board games, fresh out of the box, can you beat your friends and family!

Play Hyper Sentinel, the Kickstarter-funded, retro-on-steroids arcade shoot 'em up, and chat with the developers.

New Prizes - GAME will be giving away 2x £20 vouchers and loyalty points.

Cex are giving away 3x £50 vouchers and a brand new Nintendo Mini.

Kendal comic arts have donated signed walking dead comics by Charlie Adlard, Hellboy Duncan Fegredo and more. There will more prizes donated by stalls on the day.

New stalls attending why not grab some goodies, Game Over Mods, Retro Quest, Continue Gaming Ltd, Console Heaven, Retro Lords, GAME, and more. Keep up to date with the latest news.