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Can you pay cash on door?
YES, cash on door is from 11am.

When does it open?
Buy ticket from store/internet 10am entry.
Cash on door 11am.

Does an adult need to come with a child?
YES, there must be an adult over the age of 18+ to supervise their child/friends.

As a career do I get a free ticket?
YES, for every career joint with disabled person there is a total of 1 adult ticket.

Is there disabled assess?
The venue and winter gardens is wheelchair accommodating.

Can I take photos?
YES, if you want a photo of a person maybe dressed up, please ask their permission.

What are the tournaments?
Tournaments are throughout the day, they are smash bros (normal rules on wii u), football, Mario kart, halo 3, killer instinct, street fighter 2, bomberman, starting from 11:30.

Where do I register?
There is a table for signups next to stage.