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Please send message if you would like to exhibit, press or have a  question.


Please contact if you would like to show master your game off at Game Mania, great place to test the public, research,

promote, we will try and help you get your name out there.

Electricity is FREE for inventors and developers.



We know how bad it is when organizations don't advertise, with Game Mania we have a large budget which will be spent

on advertising, this includes main street advertising, visiting schools, give away's, flyer distribution, promotion on main

websites linked to Blackpool and much more.

When contacting us to book a table please specify what you are selling (photos would be great) as we don’t want a lot

of the same traders.

For quick reply contact game mania through facebook, please read FAQ below first.

Sale of food and drink costs extra this is implied by the venue. Please contact for more details.

Traders can set up 4pm-8pm on Friday. Contact if this is not enough time.

Traders must leave on the Sunday by 8pm.

Traders can arrive from 7am Saturday morning, but no later than 9.30am on the day, as we will be opening event from 10am.

Table sheets are not supplied, you must bring your own.

Sat 10-6

Sun 10-5

All traders will be given trader identification to wear during the event so our team/staff can identify you.

Once inside please look for your name on the table we have designated.

2 Badges per 1 table.

GRID WALLS, are allowed but if they are not locked in or may fall over, you will be asked to remove them, we don't

want them falling on customers!

REFUNDS: Refunds will not be issued once an Exhibitor Booking has been made.

Game Mania cannot give refunds once booking has been made, only if another party is willing to purchase the space

then a refund can be given.

Game Mania will refund all Exhibitors and Ticket purchases if for any reason an event is cancelled due to circumstances

beyond its control.


Throughout the day there will be certified security guards, visible to the public and patrolling.

Throughout the night, the venue will be locked from 8pm Friday and 6pm Saturday, we are not responsible for any loses.